"Vanessa's Blog" 19th & 20th century cheese making tools & history

This is the style of clay pot I use for cooking and cheese making over coals.
This is an interesting blog. "Vanessa's blog" deals with cheese history and tools for the 19th & 20th Centuries. If you look carefully they will appear very similar to, or the same as those used during the middle ages. Tools & cheese making basic's have not changed that much in the last 1000 years.

Roman Strainer
Cheese mold from the Netherlands 17th century

Modern wooden spoon similar to the one seen in the illumination
Medieval Illumination with sieve & skimming spoon
reproduction of Tudor pottery sieve
reproductions of viking age pottery and sieves
copper & clay pots were also used in cheese making, I use both but find the clay much more affordable
 These give you some ideas on how you can look at images from many sources and then find modern examples of items that can aid you in your medieval cheese making experience.



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